Care for a shoulder mount:

1: With a sharp knife, cut the skin as illustrated in the images below.

2: Peel the skin forward up to the ears and jaw exposing the head/neck junction. Cut into the neck, and separate head from carcass approximately 3 inches down from the junction.

3: Place the skin and head in a plastic bag and freeze immediately or keep cool and get it to the taxidermist as soon as possible.



Choose prime specimens only. Do not gut the bird. Rinse any blood off of the feathers with water. Wrap in a plastic bag, avoiding any damage to the feathers, especially the tail. Freeze immediately or get to the taxidermist.



Do not gut the fish. Take immediately to taxidermist fresh, or wrap in a wet towel or rags and freeze in a plastic bag.


Small Mammals:

Do not gut or skin. Freeze in a plastic bag immediately.




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